Inspiring Pictures

One may wonder why a blog for a photography business specializing in Weddings has started with this glorious image of a remote Indonesian outpost off the coast of New Guinea. Because it is this image, and the memories that accompany it, that have filled my dreams for the past two years and brought me to where I am today. I have made a concerted effort to keep the marvel I felt in this moment present in my mind, to help the vision of my business and life flourish.

Pictures can hold so much meaning for us. They capture the emotion born of the moment and preserve it for future inspiration and reflection. Similar to how sleep allows the mind to creatively process our daily life, pictures evoke a process not unlike the power of dreams- deepening memories and giving space in our hearts and imagination to savor what we’ve lived.

I think we all LOVE pictures and I’m here to generously toss my offerings into the well! I am excited to become part of the blogging world and share my little part through beautiful images of marvelous people and places accompanied by occasional thoughts and information for all fellow travelers and lovers of life!

What picture is your inspiration?
~C life

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